4 ways to have a French half-term

A trip to France or French Holiday club here in London!

Half-Term is fast approaching and it is time for the children to enjoy a break! As we are all French natives at Club Petit Pierrot, we thought about suggesting some great places where you can spend your family holiday in France. And of course practise some French!


With the Alpes, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Jura, the Vosges, you can find in France some of the world’s best and biggest ski areas. You can either enjoy the high-altitude resorts or the charming traditional villages. The Ecole de Ski de France offers ski lessons for all ages and levels, including fun sessions for little ones. At the end of each day, everybody can enjoy good food and drink – what the French call Après-ski fun. So why not choose a sporty adventure and admire the magnificent snowy mountains?!

Photo by Family Ski Operator Ski Famille www.skifamille.co.uk



You can also enjoy a trip to Paris and make the most of the cultural places in France’s capital! The city is full of famous monuments such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, the setting of the famous Victor Hugo novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and the many museums including the Natural History Museum. Paris is fun even in Winter!

Photo by @mayah_mendonca



If you would rather escape the winter weather, you can always fly to the South of France and enjoy the tranquility and warm temperatures, as well as beautiful sunsets on the beach! Exploring this part of France with children can be fun too with monuments and castles to visit!

Photo in Nice by @stylesvenson


Of course, if you are staying in London, your children can join our Club Petit Pierrot holiday club and we will make sure to immerse them in French culture and French language! A week to have fun in French, play indoors or outdoors, sing, create art and craft, dance, make friends, meet all the teachers and most of all speak French!

Monday 18/02/19 to Friday 22/02/19

9am – 1pm half-day OR 9am – 3pm full day

3 to 5 years old drop-off class

6 to 8 years old drop-off class

CHELSEA The Hall of Remembrance, Flood Street, Chelsea, London SW3 5SY

To register for the February Half-term Holiday Club Click here


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