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Laetitia’s Interview

Born on 14th July 1989, exactly 200 years after Bastille Day, Laëtitia is our most frenchy French teacher! She started working for Club Petit Pierrot in 2014. Not only is she a highly skillfull French teacher but she is also our Deputy Education Manager.

Laetitia with her twin sister Emilie


We sat down over a glass of French wine to talk about her life at Club Petit Pierrot and what she liked as a child. We also learnt that whether in London or in France, she likes peace and quiet and to be surrounded by Nature.

Tell us more about your studies, experiences and you current job:

I have always liked foreign languages. I decided to study Spanish at University as well as being trained to teach French as a foreign language. I went to Spain for a year and taught French to teenagers and adults. And then I went to Rome to teach French to children. After completing a Master’s degree in Teaching French as a foreign language, with a speciality in early learning, I decided to move to London and started working as an au pair for a lovely family in Clapham, which allowed me to look for a job during my free time. Straight away I found a job at Club Petit Pierrot and started working there full-time from September 2014.

Ever since then I have not stop growing within the company. I started as teacher, then became Supervising Teacher and then moved on to my current role as Deputy Education Manager. As well as teaching, I am also in charge of all the pedagogical area.

What working at Club Petit Pierrot means to you?

It is first of all being part of a giant family made up of not only the team of teachers, but also all the families and children you meet throughout the years. Working with children is priceless, it is a source of real happiness. They are always full of energy, willing to learn and discover more and more. It is such a great moment when they pronounce their first word in French, or when after a few years at Club Petit Pierrot they are able to use all that they’ve learnt to express their opinions and feelings with full sentences! It is really rewarding. It is amazing to see the twinkle in their eyes when they understand something and how they are proud of themselves.

Working at Club Petit Pierrot means dynamism, collaboration and interaction, a wide variety of teaching activities and of course lots of fun!

Can you share with us a funny or quirky moment you had at Club Petit Pierrot?

You can’t be bored working with children, you get so much back from them and sometimes they offer you some funny moments. It is hard to decide but I think I have a top three.

First, during a session at a Nursery school, one of the little ones asked me to stop talking because he wasn’t able to understand Portuguese!

Then, during a private class, we were talking about hobbies and what we enjoyed doing during the weekend, and the student said ” J’aime jouer au bébé-foot”!

To finish, it was priceless to see every Saturday morning a two year old screaming “Français!” through the window of his car to call out to me as I was opening the door of our centre.

What is a favourite song from the Club Petit Pierrot CD?

” Oh là là ! ” because … Vive la différence !

As a child, what was your favourite book?

 “Les contes du Chat Perché” with Delphine et Marinette

What was your favourite cartoon?

“Brisby et le secret de Nimh”

What was your favourite food?

 « Les pâtes à la sauce Papa”. It is a cold sauce made with mixed tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil, that you pour directly on your warm pasta.

What is your favourite place in France?

One of the best places I have visited in France was “l’Ile d’Yeu”. It is a lovely small island – you can cycle all around it, and discover secret beaches and traditional fishing harbours.

What is your favourite place in London?

It is not easy to choose but I would say Richmond for the river path, the village and the beautiful Richmond Park.

Merci Laetitia !