Our Approach

Learning is much easier when you are enjoying yourself.

A nurturing, playful and structured learning environment allows the children to learn, through play and educational activities, to experiment, explore, engage and therefore truly absorb French without pressure.  At a more advanced level including for francophone children, children work on the written language as well.

Immersion method

We believe that the immersion method is the most successful way for children to learn a language. French is used consistently all the time in each class with no translation whatsoever, and there is a real and practical use of the language.

Immersion programmes use the target language for instruction and as a means of communication, meaning that such lessons are dynamic, energetic, active and direct. This authentic communication allows children to learn a second language in the same manner that they have learned their mother tongue.

They make a direct connection between the language used and what they are seeing/doing, and ultimately they will re-use it appropriately. Eventually what is learned is truly absorbed, understood and will be remembered. Children do not realise they are learning a second language, they just absorb it.

Communicative approach

We provide an environment in which the children will naturally develop their communication skills in French, whatever their level at the start.

Didactic programmes

Our didactic lessons plan has very clear linguistic objectives so that learning, repetition, imitation and communication happen naturally during cross-curricular activities, which are fun and adapted to the cognitive and language abilities of each age group. Lessons include a wide range of activities giving the children the opportunity to absorb vocabulary, grammatical structures and syntax.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

Dr Maria Montessori

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