Our selection of French films for Christmas

Meilleurs films français pour Noël

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to spend a cosy time together as a family! The Christmas tree has been decorated, mince pies have been eaten, the children are wearing their best Christmas pyjamas and are patiently waiting (fingers crossed!) for “Le Père Noël” to arrive, while enjoying Christmas carols and feel-good movies!

You have probably already watched “The Grinch”, “Home Alone” and “The Polar Express” with them far too many times?! Why not choose a French “film de Noël” to add a little festive touch “français” to the holiday period, and all get to practise French effortlessly while sipping a nice hot chocolate?!

Christmas movies are a great way to practise French as they play a lot of songs. Children will hear the clear pronunciation of words as the phrases are more drawn out and really catchy! By the end of the movie, they will be singing along!

“Père Noël, Mon Histoire Magique” – From 2 years old

Nicolas Noël, the true Santa Claus tells and sings his story explaining how he became “Le Père Noël”. He reveals all his secrets, and children will learn how he is able to deliver all the presents in only one night!


Myrtille et la lettre au Père Noël – From 3 years old

It’s snowing at Christmas and a mouse, a biscuit and a little girl are going to have an incredible adventure! Friendship, lots of surprises, the Christmas magic is sending us to the moon!


“L’apprenti Père Noël” – From 3 years old

Santa Claus is getting too old and needs someone to replace him! Little Nicolas, a shy and clumsy young boy, is assigned to be his apprentice!



Santa & Cie” – From 6 years old

Disaster strikes! A few days before Christmas the 92000 elves are all sick. As Santa lands in Paris trying find a miracle cure in order to save Christmas, he has some really crazy adventures!



We wish you all a wonderful family time this Christmas holiday, full of love and joy!

J O Y E U S E S   F Ê T E S   !

Team Petit Pierrot


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