Practice French with fun and immersive experiences for the whole family, parents too!

#stayathome and practice French with great activities for the whole family!

Still a few weeks of home-schooling to go and your children have already read all their books, played with all their games and are now craving for something new? Why not keep them entertained with some online fun French activities. We have selected some great ones to help children and parents learn and practise the French language effortlessly! 

For “les petits”: Let’s have a look at the younger ones’ selection

The French publisher “L’école des loisirs” has put their best books online for you to watch and listen to. Beautifully made videos to spark your children’s imagination and a love of reading. Most importantly reading stories is a great way to absorb a language and learn new vocabulary.

Up to 4 yrs

“Car le mot qu’on le sache est un être vivant” Victor Hugo Stella will be sharing insights and views on education and culture. We love “Pop mange de toutes les couleurs” a story about a dinosaur who changes skin colour after eating lots of colourful fruit and vegetables! Ideal for learning new vocabulary while revising all the colours in French! Watch “Pop mange de toutes les couleurs” here

From 5 yrs

From 5 yrs Today, Mona is going to her dad’s house. It is quite far as Daddy lives on the moon ! It is fun to have two houses. A fun book to discover Mona’s adventures on the moon and learn lots of interesting vocabulary. Watch Papa lune here

What’s more fun than playing a memory game? Well, colouring in your own memory game before playing it! Éditions Nathan has selected lots of activities for your children to do during lockdown.

We wanted to share this cute T’choupi memory game which you can download. Children can practise animal vocabulary in French while colouring them in! 

To print, download the game here

From 4 yrs

“” has created a “Choices Wheel” to help children when they get bored. So choose some fun activities, create your own Choices Wheel and play with it, to find out how you can keep yourself amused for the next couple of hours 😉 This one can be adapted for older kids when choosing your activities!

Download the wheel here

For “les grands”: Let’s follow on with the older children’s selection

From 6 years

The Louvre Museum has released 5 short videos about its most famous pieces of art! Children will enjoy discovering the amazing story about the theft of “La Joconde” or how “La Venus de Milo” was found! (Each video comes with a link to read the commentary in French as well). 

Watch the videos here

For children who can write: All levels & ages

“Le Petit Bac” – Why not play this famous school game at home with the whole family?

Everyone can use the French vocabulary learnt during our French classes or at school! It’s so easy: One player chooses a letter and everyone has to write down a word starting with this letter for each category (ie girl’s name, boy’s name, a country, a vegetable, a celebrity, an animal, a sport, a plant….you can choose before playing any categories you want!) 

After sharing your answers, tot up your scores – each unique correct answer (nobody else chose that word) counts for 2 points, each correct answer given by more than one player counts for 1 point. 

To Print, download the game here

From 8 years

Dive into Asterix & Obelix’s world with these online games, comics and activities book! Not only will children enjoy them, but comic book fans will love practising their French with those two famous “Gaulois”! 
Discover the online activities book here

For “les parents” who want to practise their French in a fun and immersive way too! 

Learn new French vocabulary, practise grammatical structure and improve your listening comprehension! The channel TV5MONDE website is a great way to practise your French online at home! 

They offer a large choice of activities to learn the language and videos about French culture. Our favourite one is “Une ballade à Paris” to learn French while enjoying a cruise on “Le Canal St Martin”!

Watch the video here

Do you want your children to learn and practise French online with our qualified native French teachers? Our Live Fun French sessions are still running! 

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