How to boost your children’s love of learning? Read and play with them this Christmas!

with recommendations of books and games by French Bookshop Librairie La Page

Parents and in fact any family member play a huge part in instilling a love of learning in children! And what better time than Christmas where children receive presents, to enjoy playing and reading together as a family. So our partner la Librairie La Page has compiled a list of recommendations for French books and games.

Why is it important to read?

Reading a book with a story sparking the imagination, develops children’s language skills! Not only will they be captivated by it, but if you make it interactive, they will also ask and answer questions! So reading will undoubtely build your child’s vocabulary, boost their fluency and spelling skills.

Why is it important to play?

The time has long gone when educators and parents believed that to learn, children just needed to passively listen. Little ones learn through play, older children learn with engaging activities which encourage critical thinking. When playing with your child, there should be a lot of social interaction and therefore many opportunities for vocabulary building and talking!

Lastly your children will cherish the fun moments they spend with you. As parents you are not only nurturing a love of learning and discovery, but you are also bonding in a way that you will always remember!

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Books & games recommended by Librairie La Page Available at the store or online


Mon imagier de Noël, Kididoc

Nathan Ref: 9782092540039

This is the perfect flap book for children to learn new words and to discover all the wonders of Christmas! *Suitable from 1 yr old


Noël, Mes docs animés

Milan Ref: 9782408005962 Buy

A lovely flap book to accompany children during Christmas time !
With this interactive book, children will discover all the preparation around Christmas from the first days of December ! *Suitable from 3 yrs old


Le plus grand livre du monde

Ref: 9782226218322

This giant picture book is the perfect gift for children: this book, as interactive as playful, will entertain children for hours while teaching them new French words. *Suitable for 3 to 8 yrs beginners


Mon premier Noël à toucher

Auzou Ref: 782733845592

A first picture book with tactile illustrations for infants to discover

all the magic of Christmas. *Suitable from 1 yr old


La nuit de Noël,

Gallimard Ref: 9782075109871

This lovely interactive book, full of songs and lights, will accompany children during the Christmas night! *Suitable from 4 yrs old


Le Petit Nicolas, C’est Noël !

Ref: 9782070629480

It’s always a pleasure to read the mischiefs of Nicolas and his friends! A good book for children to read by themselves, or to read with family and friends ! *Suitable for confident readers with an advanced level of French




Puzzle Trio Histoire

Djeco Ref: 3070900081499

Eight interactive and playful puzzles, that will entertain children while challenging their imagination and encouraging them to tell the end of the story. *Suitable from 3 yrs old


C’est qui le plus fort ? Ecole des Loisirs

Save Snow White, the three little pigs and all their friends! But be careful, the wolf is not far …

A game where all the players have to work together to defeat the wolf.
1 to 6 players *Suitable from 4 years old.


Le jeu des trois brigands

Who will be the first one to build a city?
A strategy game that will entertain players.

*Suitable from 5 to 105 years old !



Les enfantillages de Noël d’Aldebert

Ref: 9782070601455

This beautiful book and its CD will accompany children during Christmas time ! The 12 songs, as joyful as funny, will make the perfect Christmas gift !