What do you say “sauter” or “toss” a pancake?

C’est la chandeleur: Recipe of French “crêpes”

All kids and all food lovers are waiting for February to celebrate the “Chandeleur”!

At the beginning, Candlemas was a religious tradition to mark the end of the Christmas Epiphany season and it marked the day to remove the Christmas holly and the crêche.

Now, like most celebrations in France, it’s an opportunity to share a gourmet family time!

Indeed, on the second of this month all French families will be making crêpes, and will be having fun cooking them and flipping each crêpe in a pan. Children can then choose which toppings to spread on their pancake: sugar, butter, lemon, chocolate, fruits, jam, chestnut cream, apple compote…

French people love crêpes! It’s also a traditional recipe from Brittany, where we used to eat sweet and savory crêpes. The latter are made with buckwheat flour and can be filled with cheese, charcuterie, fish and vegetables…

As Marie & Eline, two of our French teachers,  come from Brittany, we would like to share with you their “recette”:


–          250gr of flour

–          4 eggs

–          ½ Litre of milk

–          2 tablespoons of sugar

–          1 pinch of salt

–          50 gr of melted butter

–          Vanilla extract (optional)


Put the flour, sugar and salt in a large bowl. Make a well and add the beaten eggs.

Start to mix it slowly and pour in progressively the cold milk.

Mix continually to obtain a smooth dough.

Add the melted butter and the vanilla extract, mix again. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes.

Pour a ladle of dough in a hot flat pan and spread it to cover the all pan. Cook it for a minute and have fun flipping it to cook the other side of the pancake.

Add anything yummy you like on it : butter, sugar, lemon, chocolate, fruits, jam…

And now watch this short video to “Faire sauter les crêpes” like the children and the teachers at Club Petit Pierrot VIDEO

Bon appétit !