The team

Where passion and experience come together!

We are a dedicated and compassionate team of fun qualified teachers and educators all sharing a real passion for teaching French to children. Each member of our educational team is a native francophone fluent speaker and expertly trained to teach the Club Petit Pierrot® programme, ensuring a consistent and high-quality learning experience for all our students.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond language instruction. Every team member undergoes thorough police checks and receives comprehensive training in safeguarding, First aid, in diversity/equality/inclusion and various professional development trainings. We take great pride in creating a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where every child can thrive and develop a love for the French language.



Stella Bataille, the founder and director of Club Petit Pierrot, arrived in London in 1989 and began her journey at L’École des Petits. She undertook Montessori training, specialised in second language acquisition, and founded Club Petit Pierrot in 1993. More recently, she completed training in educational neuroscience.

With over 30 years of experience teaching children, Stella passionately believes in the immersion method. Her conviction led her to create the unique learning programme at Club Petit Pierrot.

Described as a pioneering language teacher by journalists, Stella has been on a mission from the start to engage children in fun and natural language learning from an early age. She firmly believes that children need a nurturing environment to truly flourish and learn. Stella takes great pride in training her dedicated team of teachers, ensuring they share her passion and commitment.

Stella has also contributed as a consultant to educational content for Cartoon Network, coached nannies and teachers, created songs for learning French (available in our shop), and co-authored the book “Learning for Life.” She has been interviewed, and her classes have been recorded for BBC News, ITV News, Channel 5 News, The Huffington Post, BBC World Service, Daily Telegraph, and Le Figaro.

Over the years, Stella and her team have been privileged to work with thousands of families, including high profile families, celebrities and royalty. The innovative programmes at Club Petit Pierrot have been embraced by a wide audience, highlighting the effectiveness and appeal of Stella’s approach to early language education.