C’est Mardi Gras ! Learning a new language is also about discovering a different culture.

Learning a new language is also about discovering a different culture, and that makes it even more fun! So let’s see why Mardi Gras is an incredibly popular festival in France. On that day, children of all ages walk down the street in their …
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Do you want to know more about Club Petit Pierrot’s Team?

Laetitia’s Interview Born on 14th July 1989, exactly 200 years after Bastille Day, Laëtitia is our most frenchy French teacher! She started working for Club Petit Pierrot in 2014. Not only is she a highly skillfull French teacher but she is also our Deputy …
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What do you say “sauter” or “toss” a pancake?

C’est la chandeleur: Recipe of French “crêpes” All kids and all food lovers are waiting for February to celebrate the “Chandeleur”! At the beginning, Candlemas was a religious tradition to mark the end of the Christmas Epiphany season and it marked the day to …
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4 ways to have a French half-term

A trip to France or French Holiday club here in London! Half-Term is fast approaching and it is time for the children to enjoy a break! As we are all French natives at Club Petit Pierrot, we thought about suggesting some great places where …
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LA GALETTE DES ROIS Recipe – Books – Workshop

WHY DO FRENCH FAMILIES LOVE FOLLOWING THIS TRADITION WITH THEIR CHILDREN? In France, to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany on 6th January all the French boulangeries sell la Galette des Rois, flat round pastries that come with gold paper crowns. La Galette des …
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How to boost your children’s love of learning? Read and play with them this Christmas!

with recommendations of books and games by French Bookshop Librairie La Page Parents and in fact any family member play a huge part in instilling a love of learning in children! And what better time than Christmas where children receive presents, to enjoy playing …
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Miam miam ! Recipe of French biscuits

Children love cooking! Not only is it  a fun and educational activity but it is also a great opportunity to practise some French at home en famille! We’ve partnered with Florence from Kids en cuisine who shares with us her Sablés recipe! Florence runs …
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Let’s celebrate Club Petit Pierrot’s 25th Anniversary!

Family Party on Sunday 7th October 2.30-4.30pm at St Luke’s Church Hall, St Luke’s Street, London SW3 3RP Put on your fashionable dancing outfit and let us transport you to a little corner of France for our coolest Family event yet! EXPECT a lot of …
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A French Dad’s Story by Arnaud de Montille from Merci Maman

As Club Petit Pierrot is entering its 25th year, we have interviewed one of our wonderful French partners for the occasion! Arnaud de Montille is the Co-founder/Finance Director at Merci Maman, husband extraordinaire to Béatrice de Montille and father to four bilingual children! Having …
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How to raise a bilingual child even if you can’t speak the language yourself

The benefits of learning a second language at an early age are well documented, but what many parents don’t realise is that any child can become fully bilingual even if the rest of the family aren’t! How can parents help their child embark on …
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"Car le mot qu'on le sache est un être vivant." Victor Hugo
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