Let’s celebrate Club Petit Pierrot’s 25th Anniversary!

Family Party on Sunday 7th October 2.30-4.30pm at St Luke’s Church Hall, St Luke’s Street, London SW3 3RP Put on your fashionable dancing outfit and let us transport you to a little corner of France for our coolest Family event yet! EXPECT a lot of …
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A French Dad’s Story by Arnaud de Montille from Merci Maman

As Club Petit Pierrot is entering its 25th year, we have interviewed one of our wonderful French partners for the occasion! Arnaud de Montille is the Co-founder/Finance Director at Merci Maman, husband extraordinaire to Béatrice de Montille and father to four bilingual children! Having …
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How to raise a bilingual child even if you can’t speak the language yourself

The benefits of learning a second language at an early age are well documented, but what many parents don’t realise is that any child can become fully bilingual even if the rest of the family aren’t! How can parents help their child embark on …
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Talk Less and Listen More! Boost your child’s language development

It’s not hard to figure out why talking to children helps with speech and language development, but a new study has found that communicating alone is not enough – it’s HOW you communicate that really matters. Cognitive scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology found …
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HERE WE GO AGAIN… 3 points to guide parents on planning their children’s activities

C’est reparti pour un tour !! New years resolutions… 3 points to guide parents on planning their children’s activities My birthday is on the 31st December. Every January I wake up seeing another Christmas past, another year older and a whole new year to …
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How & Why Immersion Teaching WorksWe all enjoy the thrill of a child uttering their first words in a second language. Or the moment a child proudly recites their French vocabulary list – impressing parents, teachers, and themselves. But how much use would this …
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NOMINATION Please vote for us! Quick and easy, plus you could win a holiday in the Maldives We are very proud to have been nominated for the Little London Awards, but we really need your support to win! Please vote for us, it is …
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  Safe, Happy and Learning French ! Club Petit Pierrot has been awarded full GOLD accreditation by the Children’s Activities Association who described our work as outstanding. We have been teaching French to thousands of children in London since 1993, and we remain as …
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Blog with video: Club Petit Pierrot Toddler group

Last term, we created a new programme for our 2-4 yrs old inspired by a story and a lovely educational toy called “MON GEANT”. Read this blog from Alexandra de Faucigny, a French mother whose children come to Club Petit Pierrot and watch a …
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Have fun & learn French together!

AN EASY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION THAT YOU CAN KEEP! Like many people, I have a few resolutions at the start of the New Year but find it difficult to keep them. Being a working mum, I always have too much to do and put …
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"Car le mot qu'on le sache est un être vivant." Victor Hugo
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