Inspiration to keep practising French during half-term

Summer Half-Term break at home… doesn’t sound very exciting, even more so for your little ones! Don’t panic, we have selected loads of fun online activities and ideas to help them learn and practise French!

It’s not all about watching videos and sitting in front of a screen either – we hope that our selection will inspire you and your children to try new things: grow your own veg or test a new recipe…



Pour les petits

« Cerise et Léon au potager bio »

Let’s have a cute walk in the vegetable garden to discover how they grow and harvest their fruits and vegetables in the South of France (listen to the grasshoppers’ song ?) !

Short cartoon to watch here



“C’est l’heure du bain !” ?

T’choupi doesn’t want to stop playing to have a bath, but when he dives into a hot bubble bath, he has the best time ever and wants to stay longer! Does that ring a bell? ?

Little ones will love turning the page when the little bell rings!! Listen and watch here



Pour les grands

For our linguists from 4 to 8 years old

A creative way to learn some French vocabulary!

Learn how to draw characters from scratch. Let’s start with a tutorial to create “un cuisinier” ?‍?, “un astronaute” ?‍?… Discover the characters’ names in French and draw here


Learn to read the time in French!

Quelle heure est-il ?” ?

So why don’t your children learn how to tell the time “en français” with this online tutorial here ?




« D’où viennent les trous du fromage ? » ?

During the confinement, Jamy from the TV science education show “C’est pas sorcier” (It’s No Sorcery, French for “it’s not rocket science”), has launched his Youtube Channel! He answers questions such as “Why cats don’t like water?”, “Why days are getting longer?” & one of our favourite “Why the Swiss Cheese has holes?”.

Watch the video here


Pour tous

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Looking for healthy but delicous snacks? Why not make des “fruits déguisés” with your mini chefs, following an easy recipe?

  • some fruits, “pomme” ?, “poire” ?, “banane” ?, “clémentines” ?(choose your favourite ones)
  • some “chocolat” ?
  • a few skewers

Download the recipe here – Bon appétit !


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And for all children who want to share their favourite quarantine activities we made the “Quand je suis à la maison ?, j’aime❤️…” challenge!

Did you watch our French teachers’ video? If not, you can see it on our Youtube channel. We are all missing you so much that we wanted to send you a special message, and share with you what we like to do at home.

À vous ! And now it’s your turn! Follow the video (text & movement) and show us “en français” your favourite lockdown activity.

We would be SO happy to see what you are up to and hear you speak French. Can’t wait to see your videos!

Email your video at: may ask you if we can share your video on our social media. However, if you would rather not, it will be watched by the teachers only!

We hope to see you soon in one of our lessons online!

Au revoir !