Discover the French National Day with fun activities in French!

You might already know that 14th July is the French National Day, but do you know what it is exactly and what happens on that day?

On 14th July, because it was on that day in 1789 that revolutionaries stormed and seized control of the medieval armoury, fortress, and political prison known as the Bastille to protest against the monarchy’s abuse of power. It’s one of the main highlights of the French Revolution. That’s why our National Day is celebrated on that date and is known worldwide as “Bastille Day”

Talking about “Bastille Day” . It’s not easy to pronounce! Let’s see how to do it 😉 The correct pronunciation is (Bas tij) or “bas-tee) there is no L sound.

The 14th July is a Bank Holiday in France. Most stores and services will be closed and people tend to spend the day with family or friends.

The Army parades along the Champs-Élysées ! This parade is one of the oldest in the world and a highlight of the 14 juillet festivities! The French President reviews the troops, while citizens are treated to a spectacle of marches, fly-pasts and even parachutists dropping in!

On va chanter “La Marseillaise”, the National French Anthem, written by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle. Its name comes from the revolutionaries from Marseille who sang it during their long march to Paris to participate in the Revolution. It was adopted as the National Anthem in 1795.

Firework shows take place across the country! In Paris it will illuminate La Tour Eiffel!

Let’s have fun while improving your French with these 14 juillet themed activities!

The firework on the Eiffel Tower

The Air Force Parade

Mais pourquoi avoir choisi le 14 juillet ?

Video here

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