Does it make sense? How to practise French this summer!

Children learn French easily when they get meaningful exposure to the language.

What do we mean? This is very simple. Children need a reason to communicate so any appropriate activities when there is a need and purpose to interact is good.

Whatever you choose to do with your children, or your children choose to do in French, make it fun and practical!


Here is a selection of books and links to get you started

LIRE en français

Reading with your child is always a bonding experience and strengthens your relationship. Children love reading stories and it is a wonderful way to develop their imagination! It will improve your child’s language skills, picking up new vocabulary but it will also familiarize them with French syntax.

Let’s discover our selection of books to read during the summer holiday!

–      Les tout petits Up to 3 years : P’tit Loup part en vacances

–      3-6 yrs : Le grand livre des vacances avec les Monsieur – Madame Histoires, jeux, coloriages, puzzles, devinettes…

–      6 years + : Les Vacances de la maîtresse 


ECOUTER du français 

Children can listen to French radios, podcasts or even watch French cartoons and movies. Those activities are easy/simple to do during summer holiday as they can be done on the go while travelling for example. Listening to French through podcasts and radios is an excellent and fun way to sharpen your child listening and speaking skills.

–      Podcasts

3-6 years : Guillemette ➡️

6 years + : Petits curieux, le pourquoi du comment ➡️ For curious little ones, The why of How

Pour les plus 8 years +/ fluent in French : Les Ptits Bateaux sur France Inter ➡️


Up to 3 years : AllZic 0-4 ans

3-6 years : Pomme d’Api radio, Radio Barbouillots

6 years + : Radio Pitchoun

–      La télévision 

Up to 3 years : T’choupi à l’école – Demain c’est les vacances !

3-6 years : Trotro et le poisson rouge (saison 1 episode 13) ou TroTro part en vacances (saison 2 episode 21)

6 years + : Les mystérieuses citées d’or


COLORIER ECRIRE avec les cahiers de vacances

Every French child will have a cahier de vacances to practise throughout the summer! This is a fun exercice book following the French curriculum to practise French for all ages from 2 to 18 yrs old..

2-4 years : Mon T’choupi vacances de la petite à la grande section ➡️

6 years +: L’énigme des vacances ➡️


Music is an essential tool to learn French! It can be used as a mnemonic device when songs are catchy, fun and fairly simple, children can listen to them again and again and will know the words in no time! Once again, like with podcast and television, children listen to French music will practise their pronunciation and will absorb new vocabulary, linguistic patterns and grammatical structures.

Summer songs from the CD Club Petit Pierrot Available at the French Bookshop Librairie La Page

  •             Up to 5 years : Petit Poisson Nage/ Roule Vole Flotte
  •             3-6 years : Le Petit Train/ AAA je grimpe à l’arbre
  •             6 years + : Pierrot part en vacances


If you are on holiday in France. Have fun with your child and grab every opportunity to speak French.

If not, come to our HOLIDAY CLUB!

Whether they know some French or not, they will get the opportunity to improve and speak French without any pressure and more importantly without a word of English spoken!!

Stay tuned… booking will be opened soon for our Halloween Holiday Club!




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