C’est les vacances d’été !

It’s time to relax, enjoy the sun, travel and it’s especially time to have fun!

So let’s travel with Petit Pierrot and go shopping to le marché in Provence, to la plage and to la campagne !

Craft activities, cooking recipes, videos and games researched and prepared by the teachers to learn at home or on the go!


SHOPPING AT le marché


Discover and colour in the fruit and vegetables:

Find out which fruit we use to make these famous French pastries:

Bake a delicious savoury asparagus and goat’s cheese cake:

Learn how tomatoes grow and why they can be more or sometimes less tasty!

A DAY AT la plage

Have fun with a colouring-in picture of the beach:

Look for the French pronoun and colour them with the right colour:

How many fish are in the sea? Let’s stick them on!

Crossword: sea themed French vocabulary

Make some refreshing fruit popsicles:

Is the sun good for my health?

Watch the video and answer the quiz!


A TRIP TO la campagne

Why do we need trees to breath? Watch the video and answer the quiz!


We wish you a wonderful summer full of discoveries and plenty of rest pour les enfants et les parents aussi !!


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