Our experience at Club Petit Pierrot: Blog by Kiddo Adventures

My little one was given the opportunity to learn French for an entire term with Club Petit Pierrot – Fun French For Children

I’ve always been told that this is the best age for kids to learn a new language. She previously did a term of Mandarin but I felt that it was a little too hard for both of us ?

I think learning a new language is so important especially if you like to travel like us! It also will bring amazing job opportunities for her in the future. I can’t tell you how many amazing teaching opportunities I’ve missed out on because I don’t speak a second language (I wish I paid more attention in Spanish and French in secondary school now lol)

My first thoughts about our first class

I was a intimidated by the fact the classes are completely in French. I can just about say “bonjour” ? That quickly changed. With actions and the tone of voice, you can quickly start to understand what’s being said. Little miss on the other hand just threw herself into the classes! She took part in every activity and was completely confident!

What I liked about the classes

That fact that it was completely in French. I know I said at first I was intimidated by the fact I didn’t know any but I can see why it’s better than having the words translated for you. You get to hear and see the language being used in every day situations.

Parents are encouraged to join in. There’s a sign saying no mobiles which is great (I did of course use mine just for taking photos and videos for the purpose of this post) Kids learn more when we get involved too!

I also liked the structure of the class. There was a new topic every week but the structure was the same. Kids this age (she’s 3) need structure especially seeing as she is starting school soon. The classes seem very well planned too. As a parent you will be happy to know you’re getting value for your money as well as teachers that care about your child’s learning.

What little miss liked…

I asked her what she enjoyed about her lesson and she said she really liked her teacher which was super sweet to hear! It’s important to have great teachers when learning because then kids will of course enjoy the classes more!

What little miss learned…

She learned to say “hello” “thank you” and a few colours too! After a few sessions it was like she understood everything her teacher would say. “Sit down” “stand up” “listen” etc, she responded the correct way to all these commands.

Will we continue?

I would absolutely love for Naya to continue. She’s really enjoyed this term and I’ve seen great progress! There’s a possibility that she might be starting “big school” in September so we’re just waiting to hear about that before making any commitments.

I do highly recommend these classes and you can find out more information on their website here