Be inspired and keep practising French this August!

The summer holiday is finally here! After a long period of home-schooling, with only a few weeks back at school for some of you, it’s time to relax, enjoy some sunny days and maybe go on holiday?! It’s also a good time for your little ones to keep practising French.

Here we offer you a first selection of great interactive activities for all ages and levels of French, to do either at home or on the go!

From 1 year old

Painting with your hands?  It’s messy play that children would love to do in a shady part of the garden this summer! You just have to print out the pages of this online book, follow the example given and let your little one play with colours, make secondary colours, create her/his own masterpiece….! Print the book here



From 2 to 4 years old

Look who’s here! “Petit Ours Brun” is waiting for you to play at miming the animals! Can you guess which animal it is? After playing with the little bear, children will name all the animals with “Maman Ours”. ? We love this playful interactive video!! Watch the video here



From 5 to 8 years old (From beginner to advanced level)

Are you going away on holiday to France? If so (and even if you’re not!) children would love to practise their “Summer Holiday” French vocabulary! Let’s try and find all the words hidden in the game! Three levels are available and we have prepared a visual to help you learn and play with these words!

Play here







From 6 years old (From advanced to bilingual) Episode 1

Nono “le lézard ? des arts ?” has a magical power! He can jump inside paintings! Here he makes you discover a beautiful painting named “La Terre” from the French museum “Le Louvre”! Listen to the podcast and try to draw our own masterpiece following the lizard’s description!  Listen to the podcast here


From 8 years old (All levels)

Summer is a wonderful season when you can eat tasty fruits and smell beautiful flowers! Can you put the sounds in the board together to find four fruits and four flowers?

Le raisin ?, la cerise ?, la banane ? et la framboise.

La rose ?, la tulipe ?, le lilas et le muguet.

Print out your game here



From 8 years old (Advanced to bilingual)

It’s time to go on holiday and discover some lovely new places with the podcast “J’aime la nature” by Radio Bloom! Listen to the podcasts here and let’s follow…

Bruno “l’ours ?” for a day in the mountains

Lyané “l’abeille ?” for a day in the countryside

Firio “le flammand rose” for a day in the lagoon

Rufus “le hibou ?” for a day in the woods

Vi “le phoque” for a day at the beach


From 10 years old (All levels )

Ready to travel the world during the summer holiday? Challenge yourself with this Geography game “en français”! Look at the picture and click on the monument. Can you name the city or country is it from? Then can you situate this city or country on the world map? Ready, steady, go! (Don’t miss the Eiffel Tower!!) 3 levels available

Play here


For all ages and levels of French – family activity

Enjoy summer and its wonderful fruit and vegetables, creating amazing plates inspired by Arcimboldo’s art! A vitamin-packed, fresh and colourful activity to do on your next picnic!

Download the activity here



Stay tuned! A new selection is coming soon with more French educational activities and have fun throughout the whole summer!


Team Petit Pierrot