Be inspired and keep practising French this August!

When learning a language practice is very important, and it can be done in a really fun way! Because you don’t want your children to forget all that they’ve learned! With a little bit of fun practice they will be ready, and even have a headstart, when their French lessons resume with us or at their school.

In the 2nd Blog this summer, we share more resources and recommendations for children of all ages.

And if you haven’t been onto our Portal yet, go and check it out! It is packed with activities, worksheets and videos for all ages, from babies to GCSE level (for Club Petit Pierrot Members only).

First something for families to have fun together:

VIDEO featuring one of the songs from our CD: “On se balance”. Stella really enjoyed writing and singing this little song and love the musical arrangements that were made for it. It is a fun one to do between siblings, or for parents and babies/toddlers together with lots of practical vocabulary to learn.


From 2 to 3 years old

BOOK “Petit Lapin Blanc en vacances”

It’s holiday time for “Petit Lapin Blanc” 🐰

What is he going to do, where is he going?

From packing his toys to his day at the beach, follow his big summer adventure!

This lovely book with great illustrations is available to buy here



From 3 years old 

VIDEO: ABC Dino – Dreaming about holidays on an island? Why not go on the “ABC” islands with your little ones to learn some French sounds and words! From island A to Z, follow the cute little dinosaurs on their trip and practise your alphabet!


From 4 to 8 years old

Colouring “Au camping” 🏕

Can you spot “le parasol”⛱, “la guitare”🎸, “le ballon”⚽️, “l’écureuil” 🐿, “le nuage”☁️ & “le barbecue”? Find them in the “camping” and colour them in!

To print and to find more fun worksheets click here


From 5 years old

When do you use a Capital letter in French?

Let’s have a look at the most common uses of the letter “majuscule”!

  • At the beginning of a sentence: “Bonjour, comment tu t’appelles ?”
  • At the beginning of a proper noun: “Bonjour, je m’appelle Pierrot.”

Now, it’s time to practise spotting the difference between a “minuscule” and a “majuscule” letter! PLAY HERE



From 6 years old (advanced level)

BOOK “Tom-Tom et Nana, les vacances infernales” 📚


What kind of “catastrophes”  Tom-Tom and Nana are going to have this summer?

Go on holiday with the cheeky brother and sister of the Dubouchon family , and have fun reading this famous French comic!

Available to buy here




From 8 years old

VIDEO  Do you know how to use and write the singular and plural form in French? Follow this funny video and practise some French grammar!



From 8 years old (advanced to francophone level)

VIDEO You love learning French and it’s so rewarding to speak a foreign language! But do you know how the French language was born? 😉

“Comment est née la langue française ?”


From 3 to 12 years old

Are you “unbeatable”? 😊

Children love playing “Les incollables” games on holiday! So easy to put into your backpack and play (with friends, family or alone) in French at the park, in the train or at the beach! Buy here

Have a great August!

The CPP teachers are all having a lovely summer break and will be raring to go for the forthcoming term.

We will be back soon with information about our online and in person classes this Autumn Term.