A little guide to explore Paris with children

Travelling enhances children’s learning and provides a fantastic opportunity to introduce them to another culture. Moreover, it creates the perfect immersive environment to practice French, n’est-ce pas? Every year, some of you write to us when you are away in France to tell us how confident the children are when speaking French. We have so many anecdotes, from a 2.5-year-old ordering everything at the boulangerie to a 5-year-old explaining the menu and the wine list to their parents!

Alors on y va ! Here is a selection for visiting and enjoying Paris with young children.

Aller au Marché (Visit the Market): Going to a market is a sensory and sociable experience! It’s noisy, filled with delightful smells, and offers opportunities to taste various foods. Markets are scattered throughout the city, but always check their opening days and times.

  • Marché Raspail: an organic market featuring fresh produce, cheeses, and artisanal products. It’s a great place for families to experience the vibrant local market scene.


Aller au Musée (Visit Museum):

  • Le Musée en Herbe: Immerse your little ones in the world of art at Le Musée en Herbe. This interactive museum is specially designed for children, making art exploration a playful and educational experience.
  • Cité des Sciences: Spark curiosity and imagination at the Cité des Sciences, a science museum with hands-on exhibits, workshops, and interactive displays near Le Parc de La Villette.
  • Little Villette: Enjoy shows and workshops for babys and children of all ages.
  • Le Musée du Moyen-Age/Musée de Cluny: Perfect for learning about the Middle Ages with workshops, animations, and cool discoveries.
  • Le Musée du Chocolat: Children can learn about the history of chocolate, enjoy tasting and even participate in workshops.
  • La maison des histoires The House of Stories is open to all curious minds. Inspired by Scandinavian literary museums, it is an immersive exhibition, “reading-performances,” and a coffee corner. A place where,the book comes to life.
  • For more family-friendly museums, check here.

Se Promener (Stroll):

And of course, Manger (Eat): You cannot visit France without tasting the cuisine. Look for authentic little cafes, crêperies, and restaurants suitable for children.

For family-friendly options, check here, and for iconic cafes and restaurants, click here.

Don’t miss the Behind the Scenes Bakery Tour with Breakfast.


Last but not least:

  • Always check if you need to book tickets for visits, shows, or workshops.
  • Learn or revise our PARIS PARIS song 😉 MP3s of our songs on our website
  • Give children plenty of opportunities to practise their French without pressure.
  • And last but not least, just before taking the Eurostar go to CARTON a great boulangerie opposite the Gare du Nord at 6 Boulevard de Denain, 75010 Paris, to bring back amazing bread and croissants!

I guess some of you are wondering why I did not include going to Disneyland. Well it isn’t in Paris anyway, there is nothing French or Parisian about it and I am not sure Mickey Mouse and its friends speak French 😉!

I hope this guide is useful and inspires you to have fun in Paris. We would love to hear from you when you do. Tell us about your experience, your tips, and we want to see some photos.


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